Guitarist looking for band (nordjylland)


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Guitarist looking for band (nordjylland)

I am a brazilian, 25 years old and came to Aalborg to study, probably staying for a long time.
You can see me playing on my youtube channel: . There, I am always playing lead guitar. (I know I started first sultans of swing solo with a wrong bend, but I posted it anyway =D ).
I am quite open to several music styles, but my favorite is Rock. Ranging from rock ballads and pop rock to hard rock and metal, I like most of it. Some bands I like to hear and play are Led Zeppelin, Guns n´ Roses, U2, Mettalica, Red Hot, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Dire Straits, etc, not to mention brazilian ones ;-D
Gear: In Denmark I already got an Ibanez prestige RGT 320q electric guitar(oh yeah, this baby is so amazing) and a Washburn EA-20 (acoustic). I will probably buy a POD X3 live when my brother sells my POD XT live (which I had to leave in Brazil along with a mexican strat, epiphone custom les paul and 6 and 12-string Eagle acoustic guitars =( ... ) .

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