Musicians for acoustic music kph


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Musicians for acoustic music kph

Hello everyone,
I am a Swedish guitarist living in Malmö who is looking for one or a couple of musicians who are interested in playing some acoustic music. I am open to alot of different styles, but I will post a few examples of what I like below jut to give you some ideas. I also like to mix in some jazz/blues/soul in my playing. Since I live in Malmö I will not be able to come to Copenhagen more than perhaps one or two times a month, so I am looking for people who are fine with not getting together and play say every week or so.  All instruments are welcome, but most importantly someone who is good at singing! You can answer in Danish if you like, I understand most of it, but since I am not that good at writing in Danish I chose to write in English :) My aim is to have a good time, play live, write some good songs.

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