John Williams og Julian Breams efterfølger indenfor klassisk guitar aflyser alt

John Williams og Julian Breams efterfølger indenfor klassisk guitar aflyser alt

Du er her

En af de største nulevende klassiske guitarister Miloš Karadaglić skriver på sin Facebook væg at han aflyser alle sine koncerter i denne sæson efter strikse order fra hans læge. Han er selvfølgelig meget ked af at skulle aflyse da han lever og brænder for at optræde med klassisk guitar foran et publikum. På trods af hans store ønske om at tage ud og turnere igen så ved han ikke på nuværende tidspunkt hvornår han kan optræde igen, da han ikke er istand til at optræde pt. Istedet vil han fokuksere på at undervise for andre og at forme andre store guitarister så de kan få en karriere indenfor den klassiske guitar. 
Milos menes af mange at være en seriøs arvtager til den arv der bliver efter John Williams og Julian Bream. 

Her er hans status meddelelse på engelsk, uredigeret:



Dear all

It saddens me deeply to need to write these lines. Performing is all I live for. There is nothing I love more than being on stage and sharing the gift of music.

In two weeks’ time I was about to embark on the most exciting tour of my career. I’ve spent all these months preparing for it – just giving it my absolute best. And yet, despite all that, no matter how hard I tried, the physical condition I was suffering from in 2015 has most unfortunately returned.

My doctors have been very clear with me now – the kind of movement disorder I have is complex and uncompromising and it cannot resolve itself within a few weeks or months. Hence, I’ve been unanimously advised to withdraw from all concert engagements for at least this whole season and break the vicious cycle I have found myself in. It is so incredibly hard for me to accept this, but sadly, I have no other choice but to comply.

In the next year, while firmly on the quest to fully recover and play again, I am planning to focus my energy on other things that truly matter to me. I will continue to work with my chosen charities and education organisations and I will work with promising guitar students and guide them towards a fulfilling musical future. I am adamant in my promise that I will be back on a stage near you, sooner than you think, stronger and better than ever before.

However, for now, I can only say, once again, how desperately sorry I am for the disappointment that this news will bring in amongst so many of you.