Sony ude med nye versioner af populært studio software

Sony ude med nye versioner af populært studio software

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Sony's softwareudviklings afdeling: sonycreativesoftware lancerer i dag nye versioner af deres brugerprogrammer. Der er kommet nye versioner af ACID Music Studio, Sound Forge Audio Studio og Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, som giver brugeren nye muligheder for at skabe digitalt indhold. Desuden præsenterer de også flere små nyheder, en af disse er deres Imagination studio.

Acid Music Studio 8

Audio and MIDI Mixing Console:
Den nye Mixing Console giver

dig et integreret overblik over alle dine spor og busser i dit

projekt sammenholdt med et layout der minder om en traditionel

hardware-baseret mixer. Udseendet kan blive ændret så det

giver dig det bedst mulige overblik over selv komplekse

sessioner. Den nye audio and MIDI Mixing Console har

yderligere routing muligheder, der tillader et mere fleskibelt

og effektivt studio indspilnings miljø.

ACID Music Studio 8 har nu over 3,000 high quality music loops

og kommer med 'the Studio Devil™' British Valve Custom guitar 

amp, samt 'the TruePianos™ Amber Lite' piano plug-in.

Her følger pressemeddelelsen fra Sony:


Popular Products Including Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, ACID Music Studio, and
Sound Forge Audio Studio Offer Consumers New Solutions for Creating and Producing
Digital Content

MADISON, WI – June 8, 2010 – Sony Creative Software, a leading provider of award-winning
professional video and audio editing applications, today announced new versions
of its consumer software product line, providing users with powerful yet easy to
use tools for developing and editing creative digital content such as videos, music,
podcasts, photos and more.

Each application has been specifically designed to help anyone easily make their
creative inspirations come to life.

The new software lineup includes Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 video editing
software, DVD Architect 5 DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ authoring software, Sound Forge
Audio Studio 10 audio editing and production software and ACID Music Studio 8 music
creation and mixing software.

Along with the individual software applications, Sony has also introduced two specialized
software bundles that affordably provide comprehensive production tools, including
the Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite and the Imagination Studio
Suite 2.

Through extensive upgrades to the entire consumer line of products, the new Sony
software collection provides users with intuitive and advanced tools to create nearly
any type of multimedia project.

Each software application easily imports a wide variety of audio, video or still
image files for a simple and streamlined process that helps make creating content
an enjoyable process from start to finish.

“More people than ever before are expressing their unique interests and creativity
by making movies, music, web television and podcasts to share with friends, family
and online audiences,” said Dave Chaimson, vice-president of global marketing for
Sony Creative Software.

“These new versions of Sony Creative Software products include upgrades and new
features ideally suited for transforming raw footage and audio files into polished,
professional final projects.

The new software applications have been designed to help new users quickly get started
using our ‘Show Me How’ tutorials, but advanced users can continue to expand their
skills by discovering new tricks and techniques through powerful features that have
been adapted from our professional line of software tools.

” Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Feature Highlights Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum
10 is an easy-to-use, full-featured video editing application that provides the
tools to create professional-looking high-definition projects, as well continued
support for standard-definition media.

Powerful new tools such as image stabilization, GPU accelerated rendering, slideshow
creator, expanded color correction tools, DVD burning from the timeline, enhanced
device explorer, and Blu-ray authoring, now offer expanded ways to deliver stunning

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 includes many new features including: Image Stabilization:
Users with “shaky” video footage, commonly shot from handheld, pocket and mobile
phone cameras, now have the ability to quickly stabilize their files using several
optimized presets.

Image Stabilization uses technology from ProDAD, a leading provider of video effects

Slideshow creator: This new feature simplifies the creation of slideshows made from
still images.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Slideshow Creator allows users to quickly
create pan/zoom effects and transitions across a set of images, and provides the
ability to create a dynamic slideshow from a set of images with only a few simple

Increased Number of Tracks: Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum now allows up to 10 video
tracks and 10 audio tracks so content creators can utilize more tracks for organizational
options, or to embrace more complex projects and compositing techniques.

New color correction tools: These tools provide users with the ability to rapidly
fix video originally shot with incorrect color levels.

The new White Balance tool can be used to determine what "white" should look like
within a video clip.

The entire clip is then automatically color adjusted to match.

Seasoned editors can also use the Secondary Color Corrector tool for more advanced
color modification.

GPU-accelerated AVC Rendering: Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum can now use the Graphics
Processing Unit (GPU) in equipped computers to improve AVC rendering performance
and speed, which allows final projects to be published faster than ever before.

Users with a CUDA-enabled NVIDIA® video card are able to encode to the Sony AVC
format using GPU-accelerated rendering.

Device Explorer: An all-new Device Explorer window allows users to quickly browse
the contents of AVCHD, hard disc and Memory Stick devices, creating more efficient
ways to retrieve and edit content.

DVD Burning Direct from Timeline: In addition to delivering projects via Blu-ray
discs, traditional file based hard disk and streaming media formats, users can now
burn a DVD disc directly from the timeline to quickly author simple menu-less discs,
providing a quick and cost-effective distribution option.

Acid Music Studio 8 Feature Highlights ACID Music Studio 8 provides users with a
comprehensive toolset for music and mashup creations.

There are several new features, including an audio and MIDI mixing console, enhanced
remixing tools, and exclusive élastique Pro timestretching tools that add more options
to ensure users are limited only by their imaginations when producing original music

The leading software application in multitrack, loop and beat matching functionality,
ACID Music Studio 8 now comes with over 3,000 high quality music loops and includes
the Studio Devil™ British Valve Custom guitar amp, as well as the TruePianos™ Amber
Lite piano plug-in.

You can also upload your project to the ACIDplanet.

com social networking and music website directly from within the interface.

Audio and MIDI Mixing Console: The new Mixing Console provides an integrated view
of all tracks and busses in your project with the appearance of a traditional hardware-based

The look can be customized to provide you with the best view of even the most complex

The new audio and MIDI Mixing Console has additional routing options, allowing for
a more flexible and efficient studio recording environment.

Zplane élastique Audio Timestretching and Pitch Shifting:, Zplane élastique Pro
technology allows users to perform dramatic time stretches and pitch-shifts of Beatmapped
tracks while retaining maximum sound quality.

Enchanced remixing tools: For remixing your favorite songs, only ACID Music Studio
software has the Beatmapper tool.

This feature automatically finds the tempo of a complete song, making it easy to
remix songs with different beat structures.

New markers in ACID Music Studio 8 allow you to Beatmap songs with varying tempos
and time signatures.

Cross-Track Event Drag and Drop: This new feature allows users to easily create
mixes by simply cutting, copying, or pasting events across multiple tracks for faster

Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 Feature Highlights Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 offers
professional tools for mastering audio projects with ease.

The new workflow enhancements, including floatable/dockable windows, improved maximum
audio bitrate, and enhanced vinyl restoration wizard, enable users to record audio,
edit, and master with pro-level control.

The software is perfect for anyone wanting to record, edit, and convert audio from
almost any source.

Prepare audio files for export to the PSP®, iPod®, iPhone®, and burn audio to CDs
or create files for the Web.

Enhanced Vinyl Recording Wizard: Advanced automatic track detection and editing
in Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 now makes it easier to convert vinyl and cassettes
to digital files.

These new features allow users to adjust the start/end times of tracks and fine-tune
adjustments prior to CD burning or converting to MP3 for digital conversion or archiving.

24-bit/32-bit Float 192 kHz Audio Support: Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 supports
32-bit IEEE float bit-depth and 192 kHz sample rate so users can work with the highest
audio resolution for superior sound quality.

Customizable Window Layouts: Users can create and save multiple layout configurations,
and easily recall a window layout for specific editing tasks for a more personalized
editing process.

Floating Window Docks: Windows can be docked and grouped within the Sound Forge
Audio Studio 10 interface in order to customize the environment to fit the particular
way a user prefers to work.

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite In addition to Vegas Movie Studio
HD Platinum 10 software, the Production Suite features additional applications to
help add even more polish and originality to video projects.

The Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite includes DVD Architect Studio
5, Sound Forge Audio Studio 10, Vocal Eraser technology, NewBlueFX audio and video
effects, a tutorial DVD and 400 exclusive original music soundtracks.

Imagination Studio Suite 2 The Imagination Studio Suite 2 bundle offers a comprehensive
Sony software collection to create the ultimate home multimedia studio.

Equipped with the tools to create outstanding multimedia projects, the Imagination
Studio Suite 2 features Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10, DVD Architect Studio
5, ACID Music Studio 8, Sound Forge Audio Studio 10, and Photo Go, as well as 360
original music soundtracks, providing an extensive set of tools for adding a personal
touch to every media project.

Price and Availability Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 (MSRP €69.

99), ACID Music Studio 8 (MSRP €59.

99), Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 (MSRP €59.

99), Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite (MSRP €99.

99) and Imagination Studio Suite 2 (MSRP €139.

99) are now available in English, Japanese, French, German and Spanish.

Upgrade pricing for existing users of any of these applications are available via
download from Sony Creative Software’s website.

For more information about these software applications or any of Sony Creative Software’s
award-winning audio or video editing solutions, please visit

About Sony Creative Software Sony Creative Software inspires artistic expression
with its award-winning line of products for digital video, music, DVD, Blu-ray Disc,
and audio production.

The company develops applications that integrate with and enhance use of Sony cameras
and other hardware devices.

Sony Creative Software customers span the globe and include seasoned professionals
in the film, television, video game, and recording industries, as well as students,
educators, hobbyists, and enthusiasts.

For more information about professional and consumer products, visit